Mensaje CEO

There are five core values which guide our behaviour: Integrity, Respect, Initiative, Commitment and Professionalism.


We always act with a strict adherence to the ethical principles of the company and fulfill our commitments before our shareholders, clients, employees, business partners and society in general. At the same time, we assume with responsability the consequences of our actions and decisions. We know for sure that what we say must be consistent with what we do.


We encourage those relationships based on trust, openmindedness and consideration towards those with whom we interact; that´s why we respect and accept diversity.


We act rapidly in the face of change and business challenges and search for business opportunities where we can add value and anticipate or adapt ourselves quickly. We are creative and open minded towards new market demands, the risks we assume and the decisions we make.


We know reinsurance is based on mutual trust; that is why we fulfill our agreements and obligations with responsibility and opportunity. We give the best of ourselves and always keep our word and the company ´s reputation; that´s why we build long-term relationships.


We look forward to be the best in what we do so we strive to be constantly up to date. We also evaluate our performance with self-criticism and follow the rules and standards with discipline. We have truthful communication with our people so that they are able to transmit knowledge and expertise based on the clients´ expectations and needs.