Mensaje CEO


We participate in the medium risk segment of risk administration; this means we are not only dedicated to sharing risks and receiving in exchange a share for the premiums. We also look forward to extend our range of reinsurance services based on our wide experience and solid knowledge.

Our specialty is medium sized risks regardless of the size of the companies we assist.

Our products and services are solutions designed to suit the needs of the clients, including personalized and specialized counseling. That´s why we respond and satisfy all their requirements so we "package" all the services they demand as a comprehensive solution.

We offer reinsurance in a different, diversified, sophisticated and professional way and always providing support through specialized advice on risk management.


Fundamentally but not exclusively, work for insurance companies that are our clients, thus, we offer service to other companies that require support and assessment in risk management and insurance.

We also share our experience and knowledge with other organizations in the reinsurance market through our seminars. These oganizations are Mexican and foreign companies.

For Reaseguradora Patria the relationships with our clients is key, so we focus our efforts to safe guard a good and profitable relationship for parties. Reaseguradora Patria treats her clients as partners and works to maintain long-term productive relationships.

Our main clients are insurance and surety companies, brokers, reinsurance intermediaries, and risk managers of all kind of enterprises.