Mission and Vision

Mensaje CEO


Our mission is to participate in the business risk administration of the client through comprehensive reinsurance services and personalized consultancy on economic, technical and administrative matters to build long-term business relationships in benefit of our clients, stockholders, contributors, partners and the society in general.


Insurance environment

Reaseguradora Patria is looking to increase the level of risk diversification in all its operations. Patria is looking for a good balance between its treaty and facultative business portfolio, and the proportional and non-proportional portfolios. In addition, Patria works to increase the product mix diversification and looks favorably towards the development of alternative risk transfer schemes.

Clients and products

Regarding our clients, Reaseguradora Patria combines experience, technology, creativity and initiative in providing service. It also offers support and technical and financial assistance. Particularly strives to provide timely care and timely payment and a suitable, personalized and specialized service.


Reaseguradora Patria works to strengthen interdisciplinary, agile, dynamic and flexible teams who are able to adapt to the market needs.


Reaseguradora Patria is looking for a competitive and up-to-date technological development which supports the company´s service and management.

Our people

Our teams consist of people with integrity, unity and expertise and are 100% dedicated to their job. They are empowered people with decision-making capacity, market awareness and always provide the best solutions in terms of value to our clients.

These teams develop new skills mainly on service and advice to clients and know how to identify opportunities, have negotiating and communication skills, critical thinking, analytical ability and decision making.

The staff shares the company's philosophy and is comitted to consolidate Patria as a solid institution.

The permanence and stability of our people is based on their ability to generate profitability and growth potential. Thus, their performance and integrity must be understood as the compatibility of their behavior with the organizational values ​​and their commitment with the company.

Image and reputation

Everybody´s performance must be in accordance with the image and reputation we reflect as a company.

We reinforce the features of our image through the agility to respond and provide solutions, business knowledge and comprehensive service. On the other hand, our image has new attributes which transmit a proactive and dynamic enterprise.

We are considered a first class contender thanks to our reputation, reliability, strength and responsibility.