CEO Message

Mensaje CEO

A message from the President, Mr. Manuel Escobedo

Dear reader,

As Chairman of the Board of Reaseguradora Patria, I would like to invite you to visit our website so that you get to know our company as part of a corporation.

Reaseguradora Patria is part of a group of enterprises working together to create synergies, economies of scale, but most importantly to enhance their work according to their field of expertise for them to become highly competitive.

This group is traded in the Mexican Stock Exchange and was born with Mexican capital. It is owned by Mexicans but open to international investors.

The companies that conform this group are based on the long history of some of its members. The oldest member of the group is Reaseguradora Patria which, thanks to its solid foundation and extensive knowledge of the market, has played a key role in the development of new projects.

While our group of companies was born Mexican, we have a regional vision and aspire to integrate into Latin America as a Latin American group, in order to make the most of our economic and human strengths and of the potential and cultural wealth of our countries.

Last but not least, we are fundamentally committed to integrity. We believe in the world and the communities we live in, and work with professional corporate governance, transparency and strict adherence to the legal framework.

A message from the Director

Welcome to our website.

Let me introduce Reaseguradora Patria to you from a business perspective.

Since our origin, in 1953, we have been exclusively dedicated to the reinsurance business. Thus, we provide risk administration through comprehensive reinsurance services as well as personalized advice on economic, technical and administrative issues. Reaseguradora Patria, has always had a long-term associative vision through which we work to generate benefits for our shareholders, clients, employees, business partners and the society in general.

Our operation is particularly centered on the management of medium sized risks, which we share with our clients while working to increase our offer through a wide range of alternatives associated with reinsurance and based on a solid experience and business knowledge.

Reaseguradora Patria is a company that has always worked in the international arena and offers Mexican talents the opportunity to work in a worldwide industry.

While Reaseguradora Patria Is recognized internationally as the specialist reinsurer in Latin America, it has worked and still does in other markets around the world; not only in underwriting and risk management, but also supported by other reinsurance markets to provide better services to our final clients.

In Patria we strive to have a thorough knowledge of our business and we provide different services related to reinsurance.

We firmly believe that trust and integrity are cornerstones of our work. We aim to become a more flexible, creative and deeply committed company which offers the highest professional standards.